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Our Story

The Dream
Vasculature of the Heart

Hi! I am
Medusa Lark

Blue Butterfly

And my story is simple.  I suppose that I, in the depths of my subconscious, have always known that this strange thing we call "life" is special. For from the day I was born, I yearned for a paradise free of human corruption and alive with life-forms of all kinds; a flourishing natural world of life and life alone. I found this dream of mine come true in one of Hollywood's most successful films ever - Avatar, directed by James Cameron. Oh, how the wonders of Pandora illuminated my child's mind with the pastel colors of light-giving flora and the calls of alien fauna singing to their mother Eywa. The last screeching cry of an ikran echoed in my ears long after the movie was over. And if I listened, I was sure I could hear words come through in that dragon's call: "Follow me."

I followed, and it led me to this, a mission to inspire in others what Avatar inspired in me; to create for others an experience they will remember until the day their bodies return to the earth. And now I present to you Biospheres and the Bioverse, the manifestation of my dream. Walk with me as we witness the greatest phenomenon in all of creation, and you will find that it indeed is the source and the end of your being.

Green glowing jellyfish


Blue Butterfly

Here at CytoLuminescent, we believe in the power of nature to heal the mind, body, and spirit through connecting with the life that surrounds us. We know that every person is just one of trillions of organisms that live and die in a never-ending circle of life for a being that will exist long after humankind has gone extinct - the biosphere. Perhaps this thought would make one feel insignificant, but the truth is, every man, woman, and child plays a vital role in maintaining the health and beauty of the biosphere, which in turn serves an even greater purpose for the universe and the One we believe created it.


Our mission is to help you find your purpose as a living organism among many through education, inspiration, and creativity. We hope that that during your time here you'll discover something that lights the spark of passion in you, and that you'll be inspired to help others find their purpose, just like some cells of the firefly produce light to guide females to their purpose of creating the next generation. After all,

Cells give light. So can you.

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