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HealthEd International

Good news - we've gone international! For the Christmas season of 2021, we decided to give the gift of education to poor communities in other countries, beginning with India. We are proud to have worked with Emmanuel Orphan Home and Rakshitha Old Age Home to bring knowledge of basic health and hygiene to children and elderly without access to modern healthcare. Below are the resources we created to bring that knowledge to them, as well as videos and pictures sent to us in thanks.

And as part of the mission to Give Light, we are offering some of the resources below (items excluded as marked*) for free for anyone who wants to download and translate them into other languages and present them to underserved communities around the world. All resources are licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA. That means you can "remix, adapt, and build upon" the resources here for any educational purpose, as long as you're not making money off them and credit us (a simple link to our website is fine). We also ask that you license your recreations under the same CC license. Thank you, and shine those biolights!

We would like to thank the coordinator, Susan Lanka, for her invaluable help in presenting our resources to her community!


*The items below are provided by Rakshitha Old Age Home and Emmanuel Children Home Society. These are for you viewing pleasure; however, they are not available for reproduction or adaptation.*

Teaching good health to all the old folks.

Rakshitha Old Age Home

Emmanuel Children Home Society

Teaching the kids how to stay healthy.

Flipping through the instruction booklet.

The items below are our own resources created for the HealthEd International project and free for reproduction and adaptation (BY-NC-SA). Although they contain text in both English and Telegu, we encourage you to translate and share these resources to people who do not have easy access to healthcare and/or education. Have fun!

Health & Hygiene

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